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luigi'S STORY

Our Story

Luigi's started with the idea that good ingredients and family recipes together made-to-order can fill a need in the restaurant industry. In 2014, Ari decided to open his own restaurant in the heart of historic downtown liberty. He took what he learned from his mother and his work in New York and created a menu with plenty of house made specialties, pizza, pasta and salad. To go with his menu he created a wine list that is simple and goes well with the food. After all, in Italy wine is for foodies.

We hope that our restaurant can add something to the local community and keep people coming back for a home cooked meal and relaxed dining experience.

About Ari

Ari immigrated to the United States in 2006. He started working with family and friends in Italian Kitchens. He later became a chef in a NYC Italian Restaurant. After years of experience in the kitchen he decided that he would open his own restaurant. His friends and family have restaurants in the midwest and so he decided to start looking for the perfect spot and he found it here in the heart of Liberty. 

Our Reviews

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